Saturday, May 9, 2009

Strawberry Shortcake cupcakes

White cake with strawberry inside, with fresh strawberry buttercream.

Kerry and I made cupcakes for Gary's birthday, and they were largely a product of trial-and-error. But came out fairly well!

See, Gary mentioned liking something strawberry-oriented for his birthday (or perhaps Kerry and I hallucinated that conversation because I can't remember what he said exactly). So Kerry had strawberries.

I made a white cake batter that usually goes over pretty well in cupcake form (it doesn't dry out too much - which is always a danger with white cake). And we placed slices of strawberries on top - since one of Kerry's cupcake books assured us the strawberry would sink into the cake during baking.

Perhaps they didn't mean for us to lay slices on top, because the slices didn't sink and simply stayed on top as the cake baked under it -- creating a kind of dried strawberry top. Perhaps my batter was too strong! Or perhaps we shouldn't have sliced the strawberries length-wise. Ah well.

We made a beautiful vanilla buttercream that promptly turned into soup when we mixed in the mashed strawberries. Ok, it wasn't pure soup, but close enough. Popping it into the fridge helped it to keep some body, though.

Despite the errors in our trial-and-error, they actually tasted very good at the end of the day.

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