Thursday, April 30, 2009

Minimalist bento (18)

Smack in the middle of finals. Looking back on some of my old bento box photos, I recall the days when I used to eat healthy lunches. Sigh!

This bento commits the grave bento-error of having some open gaps. Bentos are supposed to be packed super-tight (to minimize shifting). If I had some grape tomatoes, I would've totally stuck them in to help with the awkward gaps that broccoli creates. Oh well.

On the left, salted sushi rice packed with a strip of nori and some sweet pickle slices. (It doesn't taste as weird as it sounds -- it's basically deconstructed sushi.) In the middle, broccoli done up in a ginger-soy marinade. On the right, slices of pluot.

Ah, those halcyon days when I used to make my own lunch and not buy it from Wawa...

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