Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ladurée - macarons

Because Yoon-jee is the best and kindest and most thoughtful person ever, she picked up a pack of macarons from Laudrée for me when she went to Paris over Spring Break. (I know!)

Ah, the little sea green bag and box. Better than a Tiffany's bag, for me. No, seriously.

You know how cupcakes are the big fad dessert in the U.S.? They're dying down now. And macarons are the talk of the dessert town in France, so I anticipate these becoming the Next Big Thing, if they aren't already. There are a lot of French pastry shops in New York already churning these babies out. And they're similar to cupcakes in that they can pair fun flavor combinations together, since they have the cookie part and the filling part.

I told her to get me an assortment of weird flavors, since I wanted to try something different.

These are just my guesses for the flavors, since YJ didn't remember what she got me. But from the background to the foreground, I believe we have: orange blossom, dark chocolate and passion fruit, lemon and green basil, rose, dark chocolate and raspberry, coffee, salted butter caramel, and violet cassis.

My favorites have to be the caramel (not too sweet! I like it), the rose (surprisingly light and you definitely taste the rose, it's so strange), and the lemon and green basil (refreshing).

I took a picture of the lemon and green basil because I thought the colors were interesting:

Someday, I wil be able to replicate that nice crackly, paper-thin cookie crust. Sigh...

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Tanya said...

this is the best picture i've ever seen of the inside of a macaron. it may sound facetious, but as a person who is allergic to eggs but adores pastries, this is one of the biggest things missing in my life. oh how I wish i could eat one of these!