Thursday, May 14, 2009

Audrey Claire - pappardelle

So, in addition to food trucks and Quizzo, Philadelphia is also home to another phenomenon that is not nearly as prevalent in other cities: BYOs - usually small restaurants holed into renovated houses. Expect good, fresh food at fair prices. (A big plus, for a student on a budget.) Apparently due to Philly's strange history of alcohol laws, BYOs became pretty common, and popular.

So. I haven't really been to any worth noting, except one that I happened to like a lot. A LOT. Audrey Claire is sort of adorable (in terms of the decor and setting) and the food is amazing. It's the sister restaurant to Twenty Manning, which is a little more formal, and I think I prefer Audrey Claire.

I was happy to be with a group that ordered a lot of food! The appetizers were amaaazing. One of them was a humongous bowl of mussels.

Another one, which I liked best, was the pear and gorgonzola flatbread.

It looks plain, but it was good! For my main dish, I ordered the pappardelle, which was mixed with arugula, portobello mushrooms, pine nuts, and locatelli (a fancy type of romano cheese, I believe).

It photographed well! I was pleased. Very cute place, overall.

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