Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Banana Chocolate Chip pancakes

More pancakes!

I'm going to keep saying this, because it continues to be true: pancakes are very easy to make from scratch. And there are plenty of good recipes all over the internet, like this one. There is no secret to them - you just have to mix it to together and you've got it.

Well, perhaps there is one secret - experiment and see what kinds of things you can do with the batter. It's all about making something you want to eat.

Take a banana and cut it up.

Some people like to mix in the banana into the batter, but I am a weird OCD person and I think that sometimes makes the batter stick to the pan. So ladle on the batter and then drop the bananas and chocolate chips on top, and then ladle a little bit more batter. (It's like a pancake sandwich.)

Then! Serve with more chocolate chips.

Mmm. Start your mornings off right, everyone!

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