Sunday, March 8, 2009

Microwave Potato Chips

Did you know you can make potato chips without a deep-fryer? Without oil, even? AND they will be crunchy? Impossible, you say.

Behold the power of the microwave.

Now, believe me, I was skeptical at first, too. But I was amazed because the microwave cooks and dries the potato slices to the point where they actually are very crunchy. This recipe was adapted from a post I saw at Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen.

First, you need to wash and slice a medium-sized potato. A mandolin slicer would be super-helpful here, because the slices need to be reasonably thin and also need to be reasonably uniform in thickness. Or you could just use a sharp knife and slice super carefully, like I did, since I had no mandolin to help me.

Then, take the turntable of your microwave and line it with parchment paper. The drying potatoes will tend to stick, which is why this helps. But I tried this recipe out with a paper towel, and they came out fine. I just needed to be careful when removing the chips, but they detached themselves with minimal fuss and no ripped paper, so.

Make sure none of the slices are touching each other. Season how you like. I used my handy little sea salt grinder for this. But other suggestions include cracked pepper, Old Bay, chili powder, and even a dash of cider vinegar.

The microwaving is not actually that tricky - you just need to pay attention. I microwaved on high for 3 minutes, then opened the door to let the steam out, and then microwaved for another 2 minutes. During that last minute, watch closely and stop it when you see spots of brown start to appear. It's a fine line between a crunchy chip and a scorched one!

In the end, your efforts will be rewarded.

I swear, they were super crunchy. You'll never even miss the oil.

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PEANUT said...

that is such an excellent idea! I cannot believe i am the first to post a comment here.
I will try it shortly - as soon as i get more potatoes. I just used the last of mine for baked fries last night.