Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chocolate Pudding

My sister got me a set of green ramekins for my birthday! I've been wanting them for a long time to make creme brulee, souffles, and other custard desserts. I wanted to try them out immediately, so... chocolate pudding it is.

Chocolate pudding is such a great dessert, and is surprisingly low on added sugar. The recipe I have, which came from Ms. Dorie Greenspan, requires only a few added tablespoons of sugar, and tastes amazing.

This recipe also requires a lot of in-and-out in the food processor, but all the maneuvering is worth it because you get this silky smooth end product. Dorie, I find, is really good at the custard and curd desserts.

Anyway. Start with whizzing up your cocoa powder, cornstarch, eggs, vanilla, etc. mixture.

After you've got that together, the cornstarch/egg mixture goes on the stove top, and you cook it until it thickens.

In the meantime, cutting up the bittersweet chocolate block to melt it down.

Then the thickened cornstarch/egg mix goes back in the food processor, along with the melted chocolate.

More whizzing. And then, filling the ramekins. Aren't they adorable?

After 4 hours in the fridge and some whipped cream, all ready to eat.

Whoo! Seriously, once you try this stuff, you'll be amazed at how you ever put up with pudding mixes. There's an amazing depth of flavor here that just can't be beat.

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