Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Remix bento (16)

Yep, another one that I never posted. This one is made up entirely of leftovers.

On the right, slices of cucumber and pieces of pineapple and a cherry tomato.

On the left, leftovers from the previous night's dinner: rice and fu zhu stew (fu zhu is dried tofu skin - it tastes a lot better than the translation makes it sound). I stuck a cherry tomato in the middle of the rice to make it look less visually boring. Yes, I take those kinds of things into consideration!

In the middle, sliced bits of corn from the previous night's dinner - we had corn on the cob, so I just took a knife and ran it down the cob to take off the corn kernels. Also, leftovers from lunch at a sushi restaurant - two pieces of spinach sushi, one piece of takuan sushi, and half of an inari-zushi. Also a cherry tomato for a gap-filler.


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