Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Poached eggs

Okay, I admit it - sometimes I just like to take pictures of food. Eggs are quite pretty! And delicious. Like so:

Poached eggs are admittedly difficult. Well, they are for me - I don't know about you! I'm giving you what few pointers I know (because I have yet to truly perfect the poached egg) and walk you through it.

So take a room temperature egg, and break it carefully into a small dish. Don't break the yolk! That's the best darned part.

Okay, I have no photos of this next bit, because it was difficult enough to monitor my poor egg while taking pictures, too. But bring a pot of water (give yourself quite a few inches) right up to a boil but not quite there -- when you see the bubbles start forming for the boil, you're good to go.

Using the handle end of your slotted spoon, make a whirlpool in the water. Sort of... slowly drizzle the egg into the swirling water. It'll look like a mess for a little while, but stick with it. Encourage the swirling or push the whispy egg whites in as necessary. (This is where I always mess up, because a lot of my egg whites just cook and... float away.)

My final product (minus a bit of egg white...):

Now you have poached eggs to do what you will. But sometimes simple is the best! My favorite is just on toast. So let that dry while you toast a slice of bread.

I like the bread to become the plate. So I butter the bread, place the egg on, salt and pepper, and poke it to let the yolk come out.

I eat up most of the egg. And then I smash the remaining bits around:

Eggs and toast. Yay!

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