Friday, January 30, 2009

Philly Diner - Belgian waffle

So, I walk a couple of blocks to the grocery store every weekend. On the way, I pass by this diner - which is the only 24-hour diner in the immediate vicinity, a fact that doesn't go unappreciated by the college student population surrounding it. In fact... I have a very clear memory of my first time eating there, during orientation week, like around midnight. Good times.

Anyway. Paid a revisit in the daytime with Haine.

I'm not endorsing this restaurant, by the way. Just documenting. It's not that great. In fact, it's kinda bad. They do eggs and sandwiches okay.

In an unknown or questionable diner, I always find a Belgian waffle to be a safe bet. And that is what I ordered:

It has a Liberty Bell in the middle! Awww.

It's good if it's late and there's nowhere else you can go. It's good if you're hankering for some pancakes and eggs. Otherwise... not so much! Haha.

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