Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Peanut Butter M&M cookies

These cookies aren't particularly notable, baking-wise, but I thought I'd show them to you for posterity's sake. And they're cute!

What's going on with these cookies is that I took the chocolate chip cookie recipe from here. I replaced 1/2 a stick of butter with an equal amount of peanut butter, and I replaced the chocolate chips with M&Ms.

Dropping the cookies. (Please note that I was baking with my friend Mariko in her room, and she had no pans. So we improvised a baking pan out of several folded sheets of aluminum foil. Worked out just fine.)

And voila! Delicious peanut butter cookies. Like a peanut butter cup, but better.

(I love how the plate kind of matches, too.)

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