Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Apple pie

Golden Delicious apples in a cinnamon and brown sugar caramel with a lattice pastry crust.

I have to admit, I've never been an apple pie person. And although I bake, I have never actually randomly had a desire to eat anything I've ever made (okay, except for red velvet cupcakes).

This is the apple pie that made me love apple pies. This is the apple pie I sometimes dream of eating when I want something sweet and satisfying. No lie.

So here we go. A pie crust I made from one of Dorie Greenspan's recipes, I believe. Thawed and rolled out:

Fitted onto the Pyrex pie plate:

That goes back into the fridge to set up again, while I prep the apples. (And I need to note that, at this point, you need to pull out the top crust dough to let it thaw.) I prefer Golden Delicious apples for baking - they're firm, but not as sour as Granny Smith, which means they usually require less additional sugar.

Peel, core, slice about 6 apples. I dunk all the slices in a bath of water and lemon juice, so that they won't turn brown while I do my other prep work. This also helps the apples to tighten up and keep their shape.

Heat together butter, flour, brown sugar, white sugar, and cinnamon:

Once the mixture is heated and melted, let it cool for a bit. Drain the apples, and toss the two together:

Toss in some more flour, and pour the apples into the prepared pie pan. After which, the whole thing will look like this:

Your top crust dough should be ready for rolling at this point. I roll it out, and cut strips out of it with a sharp knife. (You can use one of those pastry cutters to get the scalloped edges, if you want, but I'm all about efficiency here.)

Lattice the top with the dough strips. There is apparently one easy, correct way to do this, but I have always alternated strips and carefully wove them over and under. So one horizontal, then one vertical, and keep going. Pinch and seal the edges.

Aaaand... after baking is done:

Apple pie. I've learned to love it; I'm sure you will, too.

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Watson said...

I have been obsessed with your blog. It is super cute and yumm. I go over your blog when I am tired of studying and it always makes me in a FANTASTIC mood! I know you are busy and all, but I will come everday for new posts. P.s. I am asian too!!