Monday, September 8, 2008

The Real Le Ahn Chinese Food Truck - Singapore noodles

I'm labeling this post under the heading of "restaurants" very loosely - of this I am aware.

So, I'm in Philadelphia now. The things that you don't know about Philadelphians (particularly the students) that you will find out quickly once you start living here is: 1) they love this game called Quizzo and 2) they love food trucks.

I didn't get it. See, in DC, food trucks are to be regarded with skepticism and you are not to buy anything that is not prepackaged. Not so in Philly. Here, food trucks are one of the essential sources of sustenance for a student on a budget. They're all over campus, and we even have a map of the approved food trucks in the area. They're cheap, and apparently, most of them are pretty good.

There are clusters of them in certain areas. This is the south side of Spruce Street, between 36th and 37th, I believe.

We went to the Real Le Ahn Chinese Food truck. (Why "Real"? I suspect it has something to do with the fact that there's a truck called the Original Le Ahn on the other side of the street...)

Yes, people stand in line to eat at the food trucks. Again, don't really get it. Yet.

The menu has lots of vegetarian options! Made me happy.

I got the Singapore rice noodles with tofu.

On the whole, pretty decent for only $4.25. Huge portion, fresh vegetables, egg, and tofu. I am accustomed to a drier noodle with a stronger curry flavor, but I really couldn't complain. I had plenty left to save for dinner.

And you know what this means? I will be trying more food trucks in the future...

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