Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Corn (an ode)

You know what I love?

Indeed, indeed. Not that frozen stuff, but the real honest corn on the cob. Maize has a weird evolutionary history in which the disproportionately huge ear became the dominant cultivar purely because humans chose to domesticate that particular mutation. But that's a story for another day. Point is, we are here, and corn is here, and it is delicious.

Corn is under-appreciated, I feel. Boiled to the point of perfection (hot, but still crisp, and not mushy), it's like... good-for-you candy. Truly.

That pictured above is an ear of sweet corn that I got from a farmer's market that shows up every week nary a block away from where I live. I bought 2 ears for 50 cents each: one white, and one "popcorn" colored one.

So I can basically roll out of bed and get farm fresh fruits and vegetables (and jam and cake and pie). Jealous much?

This one in particular is part of the Farm to City initiative here in Philly. My exploration of this farmer's market is how I came to meet some Amish folks for the first time. True story. (No Amish are in that photo above though, sorry.)

Little known fact is that a rice cooker doesn't just cook rice. (Which I have proved to you before, and will continue to prove.) Boiling the corn in my rice cooker:

Mmm. Fresh corn on the cob, with butter and salt.

Go get some corn on your plate! It's the season for it right now, so shoo, shoo.

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