Saturday, September 6, 2008

Benkyou bento (11)

"Benkyou" is Japanese for "study," hahaha.

Anyway, if you all are curious as to what I eat for lunch these days, or what I bring with me to the library when I study... (You probably aren't, but I'll share anyway.)

It looks something like this:

In the morning, I make myself a vegetable and cheese wrap, and I cut it up into pieces to fit in the bento box. Then I cut up some sort of fruit (usually an apple, but peaches are in season now...), toss in some potato chips, and I'm good to go! It's enough to keep me going through a long study session...

The wrap is very easy -- I really never understood why people pay other people to put wraps together, especially vegetable ones. No cooking required!

I like a whole wheat wrap (you can find them near the pita bread in the bread section of the grocery store), baby spinach, cucumber, carrots, tomato, Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, and a little mayo and mustard.

Oh, and don't forget the salt and pepper! They are essential. Can you see the pepper below?

Then, roll it up, hold it together with toothpicks, and enjoy. Really, really easy.

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Ms. _____ 2 be ! said...

such a healthy salad wrap.