Monday, July 14, 2008

Paper bag popcorn

Hey, so.... who knew you could make your own microwave popcorn without having to buy those expensive boxes that only give you 3 bags of popcorn?

The thought didn't even occur to me, but here's the article at wikiHow.

And! You can season it however you want! I'd think that some butter and Old Bay would make for some great popcorn. (Hey, I'm a Marylander -- Old Bay is in my blood.) I'm gonna try it once I buy some popcorn kernels.

Be careful, though -- watch out for the bag and popcorn burning.


shippo said...

old bay on popcorn is REALLY good. i had some when debby and i went to rehoboth beach last weekend. soo good. :D

Claudia said...

kettle cooorn! make kettle coooorn! :)