Sunday, July 6, 2008

Nanda's Awesome bento (9)

I took these photos ages ago, but I neglected to post about them! Felt I should remedy the situation.

Nanda is the most awesome friend ever. Because, after seeing me obsess about bento boxes on this blog, she got me an actual bento box for my birthday. Joy of joys!

It has two movable partitions and a clear lid with locking metal handles. I love it so much.

On the left, there are some celery sticks and half of a fresh peach, diced. I cut up some carrot chunks for gap fillers, too.

In the middle, some leftover pad thai jae from a weekend lunch with my friends. I rearranged the leftover vegetables into an aesthetically appealing display.

On the right, some snacks that were also part of Nanda's birthday present to me. Raspberry yogurt covered pretzels and some toasted spiced soy nuts. I kept them separate by placing them in cupcake liners.

The whole thing:

In a smaller container, I packed myself a snack. It contains the rest of the peach, diced, and some baby carrots. I also have a packet of Stonewall's Jerquee, a soy-based jerky substitute. (It's not spectacular, but I like it when I want something salty to chew on.)

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