Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Is anyone familiar with the Chinese sticky rice that's wrapped in bamboo leaves?

(Photo from Wikipedia.)

They're called zongzi in Mandarin (but to us Cantonese folks they've always been dong). Anyway, they're yummy and wonderful. They're normally stuffed with some sort of savory filling. Although there are sweet ones that you can eat by dipping them in sugar.

I have fond memories of making zongzi with my grandmother when I was little -- she would wrap up the rice and fillings in the bamboo leaves, and I'd help her tie up the zongzi with string. My dad made some this past weekend, which is what made me think of them.

Actually, I'm willing to bet a lot of Chinese folks made zongzi this past weekend, because the making of them is part of the tradition of the Dragon Boat Festival (Duanwu in Mandarin and Tuoan Ng in Cantonese), which fell on June 8th this year.

The savory ones aren't vegetarian-friendly, really, but I can envision a great savory one stuffed with salted egg, peanuts, mung beans, and chestnuts. Which, yes, doesn't sound that tasty, but trust me. Mmmm.

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丹丹 said...

Au contraire, my mother's been making savoury zhong zi with taro, peanuts, dry tofu (豆感sp?) and shiitake for years ^o^ Same flavouring as the meaty ones, just different fillings. And ohhhhh so tastyyyyy~

Btw your blog is adorable~!