Thursday, June 26, 2008

Strawberry Fields cupcakes

Strawberry cake with strawberry vanilla swirled buttercream and confetti sprinkles.

I attempted to make a strawberry cake that was actually... strawberry cake. Too often I find that strawberry cakes are white cakes with strawberries or strawberry jam stuck in between. I basically adapted a yellow cake recipe to get what I wanted.

At the point where you normally add buttermilk, I doctored the buttermilk by whisking in some strawberry jam and a few drops of red food color:

Okay, yes, I am aware that it looks like I'm mixing Pepto Bismol into my cake batter. But bear with me, for after all the mixing is done, the batter will look something like this:

I recently got a new mini-muffin pan, so I wanted to try it out. All the cake batter, spooned out and ready to go:

After baking:

I made a basic vanilla buttercream frosting and divided it in half. In one half, I put in a bit of red food color and strawberry jam. The swirl effect didn't come out as nice as I would've liked -- I think it's because I tend to squeeze my piping bag unevenly, so one half gets pushed through before the other half. Whoops?

I nearly ran out of frosting! I had to pipe small amounts onto the mini-cupcakes, but I think that makes them look cuter. Sort of like petit fours, no?

The strawberry cupcake, ready for its close-up:

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The Little Kahuna said...

I love how they come out pink! Beautiful!