Friday, May 30, 2008

Key-wi Lime pie

Kiwi and lime custard in coconut graham cracker crust with coconut meringue.

PIE. I actually love making pie, and I'm sad that I haven't had the opportunity to share my pies with you yet. But summer is a-comin', so that will soon be remedied. Like, now.

This pie originates from this idea I had about key lime pie. Which, you know, is kinda boring by itself. To me. So I decided to sort of temper and sweeten the flavor of the lime with some kiwi!

I juiced about.... 2 kiwis and 3 limes. Treat kiwis the same way you do when you juice anything -- stick a fork in and twist and squeeze.

Don't worry too much about the kiwi seeds. They add character.

Next, I softened up some sweetened coconut by boiling it in evaporated milk. I let it sit, and thicken, and it became this sort of chewy macaroon mass of coconut.

I had my pie plate ready with an already-baked graham cracker crust. (I'm using a glass pie plate here, since I know I'm going to be sticking this thing in and out of the oven, but I'm pretty sure a disposable plate would work fine, too. But why use disposable when you don't have to, eh?) Once the crust and the coconut mix were cool, I spooned the coconut onto the bottom of the crust, making this sort of coconut layer on the bottom.

On top of that, I poured my kiwi-lime custard. Which was probably the easiest part of this whole thing -- egg yolks, condensed milk, and juices.

Into the oven it went. While the custard baked, I made a meringue using egg whites and sugar. I also mixed in some shredded coconut at the last minute.

Once the pie was out of the oven and cool, I spooned the meringue on top. Don't smooth it out! I intentionally made peaks and valleys in the meringue to make it look better once it finally gets toasted.

Under the broiler it went. I really wish I had a blowtorch! I had been meaning to get one, but never did, so I had to settle for sticking it under the broiler and just watching very closely. Turn it as necessary -- this should only take a minute, so don't leave the pie under the broiler and walk away!

After that, stick it in the freezer to let the custard set and harden.

All the layers, once it's cut:

It was quite tasty! Not quite as sour as a normal key lime pie, but still tart. Nice and chewy from the coconut. The light meringue compliments the heavy custard nicely.

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