Sunday, June 15, 2008

Four 'n Twenty pie

Blackberries and raspberries with white chocolate and almonds in a double pastry crust.

Okay, so this pie is a little something of my own invention. I wanted to make an interesting blackberry pie, so I came up with what I like to call Four 'n Twenty pie, which combines a lot of my favorite flavors together.

First, I rolled out some pie dough that I had prepared earlier. (I think making pie dough is kind of a pain, because I need to pull out my food processor and then clean it up, so I usually make a lot at once, and then roll out the disks and freeze them for later. Ta-da! Your own frozen pie dough, ready to go.) I let two disks warm up a little, then I rolled both out flat. I lined a pie plate with one of them, and let the other one sit, and put them both back in the fridge for the time being.

Then, I mashed some of the blackberries into a juicy pulp, like so:

Then, I heated the mashed blackberries in a saucepan over medium heat until the mix bubbled and reduced. I set the sauce aside to cool, and heated some white chocolate and heavy cream in a double boiler:

While the white chocolate melted and the blackberry sauce cooled, I got the rest of the pie ready. I took the two parts of the crust out of the fridge. I lined the bottom crust with a thin layer of almond crumbs (I had pulverized some almonds in a food processor the day before). This keeps the bottom crust from getting soggy, in addition to adding a nice crunch and nutty taste.

Then, I tossed my remaining blackberries and raspberries together, along with some flour and sugar. I hesitate to give the precise measurements, because it depends on the sweetness of the fruit you're using. Taste the mix, and if you think it tastes good, you've got it. (Add more sugar or lemon juice to adjust as needed.) Some folks dot their fruit with butter at this point, but I don't recommend it, because butter dulls the taste of most fruit (with apples being the exception).

I also tossed in my blackberry sauce (now cooled), and mixed the whole thing together by tossing it gently with my hands.

In the pie plate:

The white chocolate had melted by this point (you know, the great thing about a double boiler is that you basically get the water to a simmer, and you can safely ignore the thing until you're ready for it, because the chocolate won't burn). So I drizzled a good amount of it over all the fruit.

Then, I very very carefully laid the second pie crust on top of the pie plate. I pressed down on the rim and pinched the edges together to seal it. I also cut slits in the top crust to let the air escape.

I wanted to cut out a cute little bird in the middle of the crust (it'd be a blackbird, get it?), but I didn't want to chance it. At this point, I was just glad I successfully maneuvered the top crust on.

Into the oven for about one hour. I had to put foil on the edges to keep them from browning too quickly. Which worked out just fine. As the pie cools:

Whoo-hoo! Isn't it pretty? I love pie.

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scmom (Barbara) said...

Very pretty and I bet it tasted even better!