Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Raspberry Crumble bars

Who doesn't love crumble bars? My sister likes them a lot (it's her favorite dessert at Starbucks), so I made them for her. I can outdo Starbucks any day, pshah.

They're actually very easy to make. The only slighty complicated part is "cutting" the cold butter into the flour and oat mix. I found an easy way to cut the cold butter down into more managable pieces is to use a box grater.

After that, it's smooth sailing. About 2/3 of the flour-oat crumble mixture is pressed down into the bottom of the baking sheet. I suppose you could use homemade jam at this point, but I just used store-bought raspberry jam. If I was being really ambitious, I would've probably mashed some fresh raspberries in, to add texture and taste.

Then, loosely sprinkle the rest of the flour-oat mix on top of the jam, and you're ready to bake! Totally easy, right?

As the bars cool. The light on my stove make them look yellower than they are.

These guys didn't last long in my house.

Maximum satisfaction from minimum effort. I love it!

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