Sunday, April 13, 2008


Who bakes bagels, when you can buy them 90 cents a pop?

I do, apparently.

So I just wanted to try it, because the recipe for bagels is not that hard. It's a pretty straightforward yeast dough -- with the exception that my recipe called for potato starch water for the yeast, but I'm sure normal sugar water works as a substitute. So I made the dough, let it rise, and then punched it down and made bagels.

I made them by rolling the dough into a rod and then pinching the ends together. With good results!

Then, I boiled them. I am a fan of the nice, chewy boiled bagel. I got this pot of water (with a teaspoon of molasses -- the trick to getting that nice shiny crust) going to a good boil. Then I lowered in the bagels and let them simmer for 1 minute before turning them over to simmer for another minute.

You'll see when you do this for yourself (if you ever attempt this). The boiling activates the yeast a little bit, so the bagels get bigger. They also get kind of... locked in? To their shape. You poke them, and they no longer have any give. Which is the beginnings of the crust.

I put the bagels on a baking sheet that I had lightly oiled and dusted with cornmeal. Then, I coated their tops in an egg wash and sprinkled them with sesame seeds (a big favorite in my house). I also made one cinnamon sugar bagel for kicks.

Bake for about 25 minutes, and there you have it! Bagels! They were beautiful, oh my god. And tasty, to boot. Great crust. I was so pleasantly surprised they turned out so well.

Now I can make my favorite bagel! This place near UMCP used to have Old Bay bagels, and I miss them terribly. I can make my own now! Whoo-hoo.

And honestly? It wasn't that much work, guys. Much simpler than making those Samoa cookies, let me tell you.


shippo said...

Dang girl, you've been hard at work while I've been... hardly working. Ha! I need to catch up, I can definitely see that! Unfortunately, I'm lazy while, it seems, you are not! :D But your bagels definitely look awesome. Good job!

Iris said...

omg did they taste like real bagels?? I wanna try! send me the recipe!!!!

laura said...

I would love to try your bagel recipe. I have been on the search for a particularly good chewy one. Do you think i would use whole wheat instead of white flour? My email is if you wouldn't mind sending the recipe there.
thank you