Monday, March 10, 2008

Yaki Onigiri

More rice ball talk! We're talking about yaki onigiri today, which just means grilled rice balls. They have a bit more flavor, and are a little more interesting than normal onigiri.

Start off with a normal onigiri (you can see how to make them here). Don't add the seaweed, but heat up a nonstick skillet, lightly oiled. Let the onigiri grill on one side (you'll hear and smell the rice toasting), and then flip it. Brush the top side with some soy sauce, and then flip it again. Coat the second side with soy sauce, and do one final flip. So that's twice grilled -- once plain and once with soy sauce.

I like to make ketchup onigiri grilled. It's basically a ketchup rice ball. Now, you think that sounds gross, but it's really quite tasty.

So, to get the ketchup rice, you mix a little bit of ketchup into some rice, along with a bit of butter and salt. I also like to add a dash of hot sauce. :)

Then, when it's all mixed, make a rice ball. Like so:

And do the same grilling process, but! No soy sauce this time. Just straight grilling.

It's cute and pink! I also think they taste great.

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