Friday, February 29, 2008

Faux Strawberry cheesecake

Sugar-free vanilla cheesecake with sugar-free strawberry topping.

I made this cheesecake for my mom's birthday. She's diabetic, so she can't usually partake when I make my normal desserts. But she loves cheesecake, so this recipe is for her.

The thing about cheesecake is that you can easily make it sugar-free. The sugar isn't really necessary to make the cake rise or to alter any of its other properties (as is the case with many other baked goods). It's just there to make it sweet. In other types of baking, you might need to add baking soda or something, in addition to the sugar substitute.

So just use a sugar substitute (I prefer Splenda) in your cheesecake recipe. Make sure you understand the ratio of sweetness of your substitute to regular sugar. Baking Splenda is designed so that it's a 1-to-1 ratio for sugar.

Splenda actually gives me the creeps. You ever buy a bag of the baking Splenda? It's like a bag of finely shredded Styrofoam. Seriously. The stuff literally makes my skin crawl, because it feels so WEIRD and artificial. Get this: as I was scooping it, the Splenda developed static cling. It stood up like magnetic filings inside of the measuring cup. FREAKY. And yet you're... eating it. But I've learned to deal, because of my mom. Here's a pic of the stuff (I was too weirded out by the static cling to take a pic of it, though):

Next, I made a sugar-free topping. So for this, I took some sugar-free strawberry jam (I prefer Smuckers), and mixed in a bit of water and lemon juice and Splenda. Then I added in fresh sliced strawberries.

I let all of that marinate in the fridge, and it turned out great. I highly recommend making this for anyone who's watching their sugar intake.

You honestly can't tell the difference.

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Iris said...

yay you used the spenda!!! That looks delicious!!! <3