Sunday, March 9, 2008

Blueberry Lemon Yogurt cake

Some days, you feel like eating a certain thing and you don't know exactly what it is.

Yesterday, I wanted a nice and rich dessert, but not... heavy. And lo, I found Ina Garten's recipe for lemon yogurt cake. She's sorta infamous for her butter-heavy desserts, but she lightened up her original lemon cake recipe by replacing all the butter with yogurt and vegetable oil (just 1/3 cup of vegetable oil in the entire thing, actually). I trust her recipes, so I decided to give this a go.

Plus! I had a couple of lemons in my fridge, ready to be used. Fortuitous, no?

This recipe called for the zest of two lemons. I don't own a zester, as I have developed an aversion to "unitaskers" (just ask Alton Brown). So I peeled the rind off with a vegetable peeler, then chopped it finely. Works just as well (if not, better, because the chopping releases more of the oil from the rind). And little more chopping work never hurt anybody. Being a baker gives you strong arms!

At the last minute, I folded some blueberries into the batter, to make it more interesting. Plus, I had some blueberries around that needed eating. What does that look like to you? Half a cup? (Told you I'm a bad baker.)

Here's some fun! While the cake is baking, you cook up two things to pour onto the cake. One is a lemon sugar syrup, and another is a glaze. The lemon sugar syrup (granulated sugar melted into an equal amount of lemon juice) is poured directly onto the warm cake, so it can soak it up.

Then, after the cake is cool, pour on the glaze (about a cup of confectioner's sugar, whisked into a few tablespoons of lemon juice). I know, I was skeptical about those proportions, too, but you'll be amazed how easily confectioner's sugar dissolves into a glaze, with just a small amount of liquid.

After the glaze dries and hardens:

Yummy! Cake!

This is EXACTLY what I wanted to eat. Nice and moist. Tart from the lemon, sweet from the syrup. You'll never miss the butter at all. (Thank you, Ina.)

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Greg Comstock said...

Duuuude, another tasty treat right there.