Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bao To Me bento (3)

A bento box that I made a while ago, but I was too lazy to post the picture.

On the left, we've got two vegetable bao -- a steamed Chinese bun with tofu and vegetables inside. My dad makes them! He makes a whole bunch at once, with different fillings (chicken, char siu, egg, whatever). And then we freeze them and we can reheat them whenever we're looking for breakfast or a snack. Yep, my dad is awesome. Aren't you jealous? ;)

In the middle, we've got a little baking cup filled with some sweet potato chips, and a boiled egg. It's been a while since this bento, but I believe there are two little Lorna Doone cookies underneath the chips and the egg, too.

On the right, we have half of a tangerine, peeled and seeded (just to prevent me making a mess of myself), and about a third of a pear, diced. The pear pieces have been dunked in a mix of lemon juice, water, and sugar, to keep them from turning brown.

Oh man, how I love bao. :)

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