Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ichiban bento (1)

And now for something completely different! Something savory! Not a baked good, gasp. I know, I know -- what's come over me?

Well, inspired by a certain Miss Jeanne, I attempted to make my own bento box to bring to work for lunch tomorrow. I think it was a success! I call it "Ichiban" ("first"), because... it's my first.

I don't even have a real bento box, so I made do with what boxes I had. (Bento boxes are super cute and are usually partitioned off already, for convenience of separating the food.) Erm, I really want one, haha, so let me know if you find any cute ones!

On the right, I put in some of a stir-fry I made with broccoli, carrots, red pepper, and pressed tofu. The rice has furikake sprinkled on top. It's a Japanese rice seasoning, and there are different types. This particular one is noritamago (seaweed egg) furikake.

On the left, I put some leftover cantaloupe and grapes that were sitting around in my fridge. And hidden in the top left is actually a little baggie with two Lorna Doone cookies.

You know what I love best about bento boxes? They're like an art form. It's about presentation, food appreciation, and taking care of others. And your entire lunch fits in this moderately-sized box, so it's a good exercise in portion control, to boot.

Whoo. Is it lunchtime yet?

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shippo said...

haha, awesome~~~! ^__^ looks delicious~~~